About Us

Founded in 1979, the Athens Community Music School (ACMS) is truly community-wide in mission and in scope as it is the principal source of organized and qualified music instruction in southeast Ohio and portions of West Virginia. We offer individual private lessons in piano, woodwind, brass, percussion, and stringed instruments as well as voice. We offer group instruction in a variety of areas based on factors including availability of qualified instructors, sequence of instruction, and interest of participants.


With a gifted, experienced and dedicated core faculty and access to the talented student body of the Ohio University School of Music, ACMS provides private, group, and ensemble instruction in many areas.


Goals & Policies

Our  goals and policies were developed with a focus on providing rewarding and enriching musical experiences. Click HERE for complete information.


We are located in the "North Green" area on the campus of Ohio University. Click HERE for directions and parking informaiton.