•  To hire and retain highly qualified instructors to provide exceptional instruction.
•  To offer group classes to children and adults on a variety of topics to help fill-in gaps in musical training or present opportunities to discover new musical experiences.
•  To sponsor and support the Athens Children’s Chorus.
•  To sponsor and support the Athens String Orchestra(s).
•  To work with the Music Therapy department in order to enable community access to music therapy services.
•  To provide performance opportunities for participants each semester in settings such as, but not limited to, recitals  and concerts on and/or off campus.
•  To provide substantive written feedback to students annually via written progress reports.
•  To provide need-based financial assistance to all who qualify in the form of tuition reduction.
•  To develop ideas for additional musical enrichment opportunities for students and the broader community based on demonstrated interest and need.


ACMS policies have been established to ensure that students and teachers have productive and rewarding musical experiences.

• Promptness, preparation, and readiness at lessons, classes, and rehearsals are expected.
• A make-up lesson will be given only for reasons of illness or family emergency and only when adequate notification is received. Please contact instructors for their specific studio policy regarding make-up lessons.
• Lessons and/or classes missed by teachers will be rescheduled.
• ACMS students will have the opportunity to evaluate their teachers annually.
• Payment is required prior to the beginning of instruction. Those who are on payment plans must pay promptly or services will be cancelled.
• All payments are final. The Director reserves the right to award or deny refunds on an individual basis.